Overnight Camp for Girls in Vermont Overnight Camp for Girls in Vermont Overnight Camp for Girls in Vermont Overnight Camp for Girls in Vermont Overnight Camp for Girls in Vermont

With more than forty activities to choose from, Lochearn is a camp for everyone. Here you can explore land and water sports, studio and performing arts, climbing and outdoor adventure, and more!

Each girl has the opportunity to design her own schedule based on her interests. While each day has structure, Lochearn provides a unique focus on each camper’s individual choice. Every day at Lochearn includes a free choice period, in which each individual girl can spontaneously choose from a huge variety of special activity options. These include waterskiing, yoga, tennis tournaments, stable management, theatre rehearsals, paddle boarding, sailing regattas, climbing, bumper-tubing, tie-dying, and many unique offerings across all program areas of camp.

Water Sports at Lochearn

Canoeing • Diving • Sailing • Snorkeling

Swimming (instructional & competitive) • Kayaking

Paddleboarding • Wakeboarding • Waterskiing

Land Sports at Lochearn

Archery • Basketball • Field Hockey

Gymnastics • Lacrosse • Soccer

Pickleball • Tennis • Volleyball

Fitness at Lochearn

Cross Country Running • Lassie Fit

Pilates • Power Walking • Yoga

Water Zumba • Zumba

Creative Arts at Lochearn

Arts and Crafts • Beads & Bracelets • Art on Fire

Ceramics • Drawing • Painting • Quilting • Sewing

Stage Craft • Drama • Hip Hop Dance

Jazz Dance • Singing • Musical Theatre

Contemporary Dance • All-Camp Musical • Songwriting

Special Programs at Lochearn

Culinary Arts • English Riding

Outdoor Adventure • Community Service

Senior Council • Camp Newspaper

Leadership Training (15 & 16 year olds)

Film-making • Junior Games

Summer Reading • Photography

Nature • Climbing • Checkmate

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