Camp Activities

With more than forty activity offerings to choose from within the areas of land and water sports, studio and performing arts, climbing on the Alpine Tower and horseback riding, Lochearn is a camp for everyone.

Each girl designs her own activity schedule sampling from a range of activities or focusing on areas that most interest her. While each day has structure, that structure is built around each girl's own schedule which she has determined and is immensely excited to explore!

Campers and their parents select activities prior to arrival at camp, and scheduling is done for the first two weeks of camp using those choices. After two weeks, our campers again choose activities to be used for the 2nd two weeks of camp.

Campers are assigned a schedule using their choices and have a set of activities that are done on one day and then a second set of activities that are done on the alternate day. At the end of each program afternoon girls enjoy a “Free Choice” period. They can spontaneously choose from a variety of fun and exciting offerings. These include waterskiing, open waterfront, open gymnastics, tennis tournaments, stable management, theatre rehearsals, sailing regattas, paddle boarding, bumper-tubing and many unique and special offerings in land sports and studio arts.

In addition to the regularly schedule program days, there are breaks in their schedule for “special” days with a varied daily program during those days.

Water Sports at Lochearn

Canoeing • Diving • Sailing • Snorkeling

Swimming (instructional & competitive)

Paddleboarding • Wakeboarding • Waterskiing

Land Sports at Lochearn

Archery • Basketball • Field Hockey

Gymnastics • Lacrosse • Soccer

Softball • Tennis • Volleyball

Fitness at Lochearn

Aerobics • Cross Country Running

Cross Fitness • Kickboxing

Pilates • Power Walking • Yoga

Water Zumba • Zumba

Creative Arts at Lochearn

Arts and Crafts • Beads & Bracelets

Camp Newspaper • Ceramics • Crocheting

Drawing • Painting • Quilting • Sewing

Stage Craft • Drama • Hip Hop Dance

Jazz Dance • Singing • Musical Theatre

Special Programs at Lochearn

Culinary Arts • English Riding

Cheerleading • Outdoor Adventure

Community Service • Senior Council

Leadership Training (15 & 16 year olds)

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