Frequently Asked Questions

When was Lochearn founded?

Camp Lochearn for Girls was founded in 1916. It is one of the oldest private camps for girls in the country.

Where is Lochearn located?

Lochearn is located in the small Vermont village of Post Mills, Vermont (20 minutes from Hanover, NH, home of Dartmouth College, and approximately 2 ½ hours from Boston, MA). It is situated on two sheltered coves along the banks of unspoiled Lake Fairlee. The camp is separated from the main road by a half-mile long, private drive. This unique setting offers beauty, serenity, and a safe and secure environment for our campers and staff.

What are the living areas like for the girls?

Girls live in simple, yet lovely, lakeside cabins in one of three divisions: Junior Camp for girls 7 to 10, Sub-senior Camp for girls 11 and 12, and Senior Camp for girls 13 to 15. Older girls (15 and 16 year olds) can participate in a leadership training program. Bathrooms are centrally located and contain individual showers with private dressing areas.

What type of girl goes to Lochearn?

All kinds of girls—girls who want to have fun, make friends, discover new interests and talents—girls just like you. If you want a wholesome summer of fun, friendship and adventure, then you will feel very comfortable in our summer community.

Is it hard to make friends?

Making friends comes naturally to girls at Lochearn. We understand how scary it can be to be away from home and not know any or many people. We have created many opportunities to laugh, have fun, and make new friends. By the end of the first day, you will have played games, sung songs, laughed at staff doing silly skits, met everyone in your cabin, and had a tour of camp and an orientation to our program. With all of this going on, you will meet lots of people, begin to make friends with campers and staff, and be ready to begin the next day (your first full day at camp) with a sense of comfort and security.

Is the camp competitive?

We offer a great program of athletics and arts as well as special programs like horsemanship, outdoor adventure and climbing on our Alpine Tower. Our hope is that you will come and try things that you may not have a chance to try at home. At Lochearn each girl wants to be the best she can but she is not competing against others to do so. On a regular basis, we have sporting events with other camps and encourage anyone to play who wants to. We are not concerned with putting together "winning teams." Interestingly though, because of our positive, cooperative attitudes and the strong teaching girls receive in their activities, we usually tend to win our sporting events - and we do it with Lochearn Pride!

What are the counselors like?

Our counselors are kind, caring, and fun! They are friendly with cheerful personalities and will help you adjust to successfully living away from home and making new friends in and out of the cabin. Counselors meet regularly with campers both individually and as cabin groups to make sure everyone is getting along well and having fun. You will make lifelong friendships with both campers and staff from your time at Lochearn.

What’s with the white shirt and the plaid sash……is Lochearn a uniform camp?

Lochearn is not a uniform camp. Daily dress is casual, with no clothes competition among the girls. The white shirt, blue shorts and, plaid sash (otherwise known as "blues & whites" by our girls) are a 100 year- old tradition on S-Days at Camp Lochearn for Girls. Our campers wear this clothing to dinner on S-Day nights and immediately after dinner attend another long time tradition at Lochearn S-Day Night Campfire. This S-Day night tradition is not a religious campfire, but is a time to reflect on the week gone by and look forward to the coming week.

Lochearn “Lassies” have been attending this campfire in their blues & whites since the beginning days of camp in 1916.

What is the spirit of Camp Lochearn?

Lochearn spirit is a strong and vital part of our summer community. It grows daily at camp—around the campfire as we sing songs, through blue and green team events, in the dining hall as the entire camp population rises up in song, and as we laugh, play, and work together as a community. You can feel Lochearn spirit in your heart during the summer and in the days between summers. This magical spirit develops into school spirit and college spirit and civic spirit. It is a wonderful, fulfilling feeling, and you will be grateful all the days of your life for having captured the Lochearn Spirit.

What is the food like?

All meals are served buffet style with six campers and two staff members at each table. Breakfasts include fresh fruit and juice, a choice of hot and cold cereals, and a hot meal such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, or waffles. Lunch may be sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, tacos, chicken tenders, etc. along with homemade soup and a salad bar. Dinner consists of dishes such as baked chicken, turkey, roast beef, lasagna, or fajitas along with vegetables, fresh bread or rolls, and a starch such as rice or potato. Pasta bar is always available at dinner. Lochearn has a farm to table philosophy, using local farms and vendors as much as possible. A salad bar is always available during lunch and dinner.

We offer a vegetarian option at each meal and are able to accommodate special dietary needs.

The Camp Lochearn Motto

To be honest, to be kind, to seek a deeper understanding of the beauty about us. To make the whole camp happier for our being here. To make and keep friends, but to do so without surrendering our ideals, and above all to keep friends with ourselves. To grow to have more courage and self-confidence, and take home an open mind and a kind and caring heart.

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