Philosophy & Tradition

Choosing a Summer Camp

Selecting a summer camp for your daughter can be a difficult decision. Parents who have invested in Lochearn by entrusting their children to our care appreciate how we enhance their child's confidence, maturity, and kindness through wholesome fun, friendships, laughter, and learning. Helping children grow to be honest, kind, fair, responsible, and respectful is our shared goal.

We love Camp Lochearn!

The Lochearn Spirit

Thousands of girls have together built the powerful spirit of our camp community for over 100 years. You'll feel it when we are singing by the campfire, sharing the excitement of Blue and Green Team events, or raising our voices in song during dinner in historic Highland Hall. Tradition is a huge part of life at Lochearn, and its rich history is part of what makes Lochearn so unique. Founded in 1916 by Emma Chubb, Lochearn was named for its lakeshore view, which reminded Emma of the beautiful banks of Loch Earn in Scotland. Since then, girls from all over the country (and world) have swam in this pristine lake, walked ceremoniously up Campfire Hill for our weekly campfire, bonded in these cabins, been valiant competitors on the Blue and Green teams, and taken home more courage and self-confidence, and kind and caring hearts. These traditions link our newest campers with countless generations of Lochearn Lassies, bringing us all together as one Lochearn family. We hope you'll choose to join our community of kindness and add to Lochearn's ever-growing history and spirit this summer!

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