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Directors’ Message

Dear Camp Families,

As the sun sets on Summer Camp 2015, Lochearn’s 99th year, we’d like to take a moment to thank our campers, parents, and staff. Thank you for your continued support and for another wonderful summer. Cheers of “How do you feel?” still resonate through our heads as we reflect on our time on Lake Fairlee together.

Sunday night campfires continued to be a time when important life lessons and personal triumphs filled our hearts and minds with a “deeper understanding of the beauty about us.” Alumnae delighted us with their visits and made these moments even more complete as they shared their favorite memories from the decades of Lady Lochearn. Our tennis and riding programs topped the list in terms of quality instruction. “We are jogging” became a favorite way to greet each other around camp. The arts continued to shine with beautiful ceramics and bracelets, and our productions of Annie showcased the girls’ theatrical talent.

As we prepare for an amazing 100th year at Lochearn, let us remember “to make the whole camp happier for our being here.” All of you certainly did that in 2015, and we look forward to next summer with “an open mind and a kind and caring heart.”

Happy Camping,
Tony & Stacie - Directors at Camp Lochearn

Coach Aldo Santiago

We are proud to welcome Aldo Santiago from Mount Holyoke, an all-girls college, join our staff this summer as the Head of Tennis! Aldo has 22 years of head coach experience at Mount Holyoke College, where he has coached two nationally ranked players, a NEWMAC Player of the Year and three NEWMAC Rookies of the Year. We are lucky to have a leader with such a high caliber of coaching and an inspiration to teach beginners and help experienced campers reach a new level of play. Aldo truly believes in motivating young women to foster a passion and life-long love for tennis.

Importance of Quality Instruction

Lochearn_2014Highlights_468It is an exciting time of year as we are putting the final details in place and getting ready to open camp for the summer of 2015! We have an incredible staff who are dedicated to helping our campers learn and grow by trying new things and improving in the activities they already love. The number one goal of our counselors is to provide quality instruction to our extremely talented and bright campers. During the summer, everyone at camp becomes a great team working toward the unified goal of “making the whole camp happier for our being here.” 

We’re looking forward to an unbelievable summer in all of our program areas, and we are so excited to welcome back many of our program area leaders. Miranda Bohl will be coming back as the Head of Riding, and has been working diligently in choosing new horses and bringing back many from last summer. We are also really excited to have our much-loved Lisa Malcom returning as the Head of Athletics to build on our intercamp games and tournaments, and continue to have quality instruction in all field sports.

Camp Outfitter


The new Lochearn Webstore is now available to start ordering camp gear and Lochearn attire! Get ready for the summer by easily shopping for items from the packing list and placing orders online through Amerasport. You can find your riding and sports gear, sleeping bags and backpacks, and other Lochearn apparel. The Lochearn Webstore is available by visiting the Camp Store section on our website.

Note to Parents


It has been amazing to see the support and enthusiasm our families have for Lochearn. We appreciate that you have kept Lochearn in the forefront of your mind throughout the year. Thank you for recommending us to your friends and family and spreading the word that Lochearn is a place where girls can be themselves while growing and learning in a positive and encouraging environment.



Directors’ Message

We hope all of you are enjoying the start of Spring. Camp is right around the corner. Are you counting down the days to summer camp just like we are?

Tony met many new campers this winter who are looking forward to becoming Lochearn Lassies. They can’t wait to meet on Opening Day, to walk to Baker’s, and to gather at Campfire Hill in the evenings. The girls hail from New Orleans, Los Angeles, New Canaan, Westport, Rye, and New York City. Two reunions in New Canaan and New York City capped off a bustling winter.

Life has been busy in Post Mills. The year-round team at Camp has done an incredible job of updating the sewing studio. New worktables, lights, and storage bins will give the popular sewing studio a fresh new feel. The tables and chairs have been moved back into Highland Hall, and you can almost hear the singing from happy staff and campers echoing off of Lake Fairlee.

The Lochearn leadership team enjoyed a productive weekend at the winter office in Florida. The annual summit was filled with reflections from 2014 and enthusiastic goal setting for an exciting summer. A dedicated and child-centered staff has been hired and is excited about cabin life and offering great instruction in the program areas.

Good luck with wrapping up the school year and get ready for an amazing summer in the beautiful state of Vermont. We can’t wait to see you at Camp!

Tony+Stacie-Directors at Camp Lochearn


Preparing for Camp

Only a few weeks until camp starts! Here are a few helpful resources that you can find on our website to help you prepare for camp:

Important Dates

Friday May 15 – 2015 Forms Due

  1. Camper Profile – online only
  2. Health History – online only
  3. Activity Choices
  4. Physician’s Exam
  5. Transportation Card
  6. Riding Skill Assessment Form, if applicable


Forms can be uploaded to your MyLochearn account, or returned via mail or email. Any questions, please call our office.

Wednesday, June 24 – Session 1 Opening Day
Sunday, July 19 – Session 1 Closing Day
Tuesday, July 21 – Session 2 Opening Day
Saturday, August 15 – Session 2 Closing Day

Final Checklist

  • Complete Forms by May 15.
  • Order Amerasport Lochearn Gear.
  • Register Luggage with Camp Trucking.
  • Register prescription medications with CampMeds.
  • Check out your Parent Handbook for the Opening and Closing Day Itinerary.

Lochearn News

At Lochearn, part of the experience of living in cabins and being surrounded by the beautiful Vermont mountains is learning how to respect and appreciate nature. We are always looking to improve our Lochearn_2014Highlights_428programs to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Last summer, we reaped the benefits of our garden by growing vegetables to use in the kitchen and planting seeds that sprouted the tallest sunflowers we’ve ever seen.

With this goal of sustainability comes responsibility. Lochearn is using these best practices throughout camp. All light fixtures have been outfitted with LED lightbulbs. We increased our recycling by moving to a zero-sort dumpster where plastic, glass, paper and cardboard can all be recycled together. All food waste is being recycled by a local Vermont compost company. With a farm-to-table philosophy, Lochearn has partnered with local farms to bring the freshest, most nutritious locally grown food to our dining hall for out campers.

New Lochearn Webstore!


The new Lochearn Webstore is now available to start ordering camp gear and Lochearn attire! Get ready for the summer by easily shopping for items from the packing list and placing orders online through Amerasport. Find your riding and sports gear, sleeping bags and backpacks, and all Lochearn swag. You can get to the Lochearn Webstore by visiting the Camp Store section of our website.

Get to Know…

Lisa LochearnLisa

Name: Lisa Malcolm

Birthplace: Fife, Scotland

School: University of Edinburgh

Activities Taught in 2014: Soccer, Water Skiing, Archery, Canoeing and Climbing

Fun Fact About Yourself: I represented Scotland in the 2008 Youth Olympiad Games

Not-So-Secret Passions: Teaching is my main passion and I am currently about to finish my final year of a Physical Education teaching degree, but in my free time I love to run long distance and train for events such as 10ks and half marathons.

Favorite Camp Dish: Meatball Subs!!!

Favorite Camp Song: Magic

Favorite Camp Activity: SOCCER

Favorite Memory of Lochearn: There are many, from cabin nights with cabin 20 to the pinecone ceremony! However, my favorite must be celebrating with the girl’s soccer team as they scored against Aloha in the inter camp game. Seeing all their hard work pay off made me a very proud coach!

Advice to new members of the Lochearn family: If you come to camp with an open mind and willingness to try new things, then I know you a re going to have a blast at Lochearn! Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Whether it’s performing on stage or tearing it up on a wakeboard, make the experience your own! We as staff love to see you succeed but most importantly we love to see you having fun. So, embrace camp life, pack those tie-dye shorts and prepare to have the best four weeks of your life!

Claire Lochearn


Name: Claire Quinn

Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

School: University of Maryland (Go Terps!)

Activities Taught in 2014: Swimming, Snorkeling, Paddleboarding, Climbing

Fun Fact About Yourself: When I worked at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, I got to name their baby sloth. His name is Camden, after the stadium where the Baltimore Orioles play!

Not-So-Secret Passions: Wearing bows and anything to do with the Maryland flag.

Favorite Camp Dish: Chicken Patties!

Favorite Camp Song: Lochearn Spirit & the Red Team Song

Favorite Camp Activity: Swimming (especially to Watermelon Island!)

Favorite Memory of Lochearn: Receiving my Five Year Pin from my good friend Eliza Kennedy last summer!

Advice to new members of the Lochearn family: Lochearn is the perfect place to make new friends and try new activities, so be open to both! Each year I’ve been at camp, I’ve been lucky to become friends with plenty of campers and counselors, especially those who were in my cabin or classes. And I’ve been able to try things I’ve never done anywhere else, like waterskiing and climbing the Alpine Tower. So, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone at Lochearn, because we’re all here to cheer you on!

2014 Character Awards


Congratulations to these awesome Lassies for receiving a Character Award! These campers stood out not only by excelling in these activities but also by trying new things, being enthusiastic, helpful, courageous, stepping out of their comfort zones and encouraging their fellow Lochearn Lassies.

For a full list of 2014 Character Award winners please check out the most current issue of the Bagpipe!