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We are excited for our alumni to connect with the Lochearn community, past and present. There are several ways to stay in touch and get involved.


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Through your MyLochearn alumni account, you can search and connect with other alumni in our database. If you are a first-time user, please click here to register. The MyLochearn alumni portal also allows you to create message on the message board, share important updates about your life, and see pictures and news from recent and current summers at Lochearn. Please log in to the Guestbook to update your contact information, receive information about Lochearn's activities and reunions, and to connect with other alumni.

Social Media

We encourage you to check out the Lochearn Camp for Girls Alumni Facebook group to share your photos and stories and connect with other alumni. We will also use the Alumni Facebook group to post updates from camp. Follow current news and photos on Lochearn's Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

100 Year Anniversary and Reunions

In 2016, alumni from the 1940s – 2000s visited camp for two incredible celebration days during the summer. Campers were drawn to our alumni, welcoming them back and showing them their cabins and favorite activities. We had an incredible dinner where we all recited Robert Burns "Selkirk Grace" together, and a campfire ceremony on Campfire Hill that left us with goosebumps and the feeling that we were each part of something greater than ourselves.

With alumni all over the country, we are happy to help connect and spread the word about any news or events our alumni would like to share. If you are interested in organizing a reunion in your area, please contact us at 802-333-4211 or email

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