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Dates for 2024

Opening Day
Wednesday, June 22, 2024
Closing Day
Sunday, August 12, 2024

* Staff typically arrive 10 days prior to Opening Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lochearn located?
Where do the campers come from?
Where does the staff come from?
What are the responsibilities of a counselor?
Is Lochearn Competitive?
How are the campers organized?
What are the living arrangements like?
How’s the food?
What about salary?
What about time off and free time?
What about dress and personal appearance?

Q: Where is Lochearn located?
Lochearn is located in the small Vermont village of Post Mills, Vermont (20 minutes from Hanover, NH, home of Dartmouth College, and approximately 2 ½ hours from Boston, MA). It is situated on two sheltered coves along the banks of unspoiled Lake Fairlee. The camp is separated from the main road by a half-mile long, private drive. This unique setting offers beauty, serenity, and a safe and secure environment for our campers and staff.
Q: Where do the campers come from?
Our campers come from all over the United States. While our largest groups come from the Northeast, campers join us from about 20 states each summer. We also have several international campers who come from Paris, Spain, and Puerto Rico.
Q: Where does the staff come from?
Our staff is made up mostly of college students, young teachers and coaches from throughout the United States. A few of our counselors come from abroad.
Q: What are the responsibilities of a counselor?
Our counselors are hired for two important tasks: cabin counselor and activity specialist.

In the cabin, counselors oversee the physical and emotional well being of the campers. The counselor spends a great deal of time with the children in the cabin: wake up, clean up, meal times, rest hour, evening programs and night time routines are all great times to form long lasting bonds with campers. Each age group is overseen by a Campus Leader who is an important resource to help make the counselor as successful as possible.

Cabin counselors also work in program areas: Athletics, Theater, Adventure, Waterfront, etc. Since campers have individualized schedules, children attend activities in which they have an interest. Having a roster of eager, motivated campers makes the activity more enjoyable for the counselor.
Q: Is Lochearn Competitive?
We offer a great program of athletics and arts as well as special programs like riding and outdoor adventure. Our hope is that you will come and try things that you may not have a chance to try at home. At Lochearn each girl wants to be the best she can but she is not competing against others to do so. On a regular basis, we have sporting events with other camps and encourage anyone to play who wants to. We are not concerned with putting together "winning teams." Interestingly though, because of our positive, cooperative attitudes and the strong teaching girls receive in their activities, we usually tend to win our sporting events - and we do it with Lochearn Pride!
Q: How are the campers organized?
Our campers are broken into 4 groups based on age: Juniors, Sub Seniors, Seniors, and CT’s
Q: What are the living arrangements like?
Girls live in simple yet lovely lakeside cabins in one of three divisions: Junior Camp for girls 7 to 10, Sub-senior Camp for girls 11 and 12, and Senior Camp for girls 13 to 15. Older girls (15 and 16 year olds) can participate in a four or eight week leadership training program. Newly designed bathrooms are centrally located and contain individual hot-running showers with private dressing areas.
Q: How’s the food?
Breakfast and dinner are served family style with six campers and two staff members at each table, while lunch is served buffet style. Breakfasts include fresh fruit and juice, a choice of hot and cold cereals, and a hot meal such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, or waffles. Lunch may be sandwiches, tacos, chicken tenders, etc. along with soup and salad bar. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are always served at lunch in case a girl does not like the main meal. Dinner consists of dishes such as baked chicken, turkey, pork roast, lasagna, or fajitas along with vegetables, fresh bread or rolls, and a starch such as rice or potato. Here at Lochearn we have a farm to table philosophy, we have partnerships with local farms and vendors. A salad bar is always available during lunch and dinner. Milk is offered at all meals. We also enjoy fun meals such as cookouts, Hawaiian luaus, international dinners, and theme meals. S-Day mornings, girls enjoy a special breakfast buffet in their PJs.
Q: What about salary?
Our salary is based on age and year in school for our counselor staff. In addition to salary, staff members are provided with free room and board as well as staff shirts.
Q: What about time off and free time?
We know that counselors need time off to take care of themselves and recharge their batteries in order to be effective. Each counselor will be scheduled to be on duty, after lights out, about 5 times during the summer. When a counselor is not on duty, he/she is free during Rest Hour or during the evening, to use available facilities to recreate, relax with friends, nap, read a book, etc. Thistle “Staff Lounge” is open after lights out for staff to catch up on e mail, phone calls, etc.
Q: What about dress and personal appearance?
Personal appearance is important. We ask that you wear clothing appropriate for your activity area. Sandals or flip-flops are not appropriate for teaching athletics. We would also appreciate knowing in advance if you have any visible tattoos/body piercings (aside from ear piercings) to avoid any discomfort for both of us when you first arrive at camp. We ask that staff not alter their hair color during the course of the summer or from the interview date. Staff are required to wear provided staff t-shirts from Breakfast through Campus Time.
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