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Why Lochearn

If you are looking for the perfect summer job, we invite you to think "outside the office or lab" and discover just how fun a summer job at camp can be! We invite you to learn and enhance your skills such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork, all while playing capture the flag, enjoying blue and green team events, choreographing a dance to the latest hip-hop, even enjoying a rest hour. We invite you to experience the reward of high-fiving a camper who gets a bulls-eye in archery, hugging a camper who misses home, encouraging a camper as she climbs the tower.

Welcome to Lochearn for Staff

A summer at Lochearn will broaden your horizons and will give you an opportunity to be part of a team of caring individuals. We invite you to explore, and perhaps, share our "Community of Goodness".

It's not just the campers that make Lochearn such a special summer camp for girls. With great love, spirit, and generosity, the counselors and staff at Lochearn Camp for Girls have created and fostered a positive environment that is child centered. For more than 100 years, the staff at Lochearn have developed a commitment to Lochearn's core values of Mentoring, Leadership, Initiative and Passion. Our staff members' commitment to these values inspires confidence and leadership in our campers and our entire camp community.

In many circumstances, a job is just a job. But at Lochearn, our summer staff positions are so much more than that. When you join our Lochearn family, you will be supported by an amazing dedicated leadership team.

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