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About Lochearn Camp for Girls

Thank you for considering Camp Lochearn for Girls for your summer of fun and adventure! For over 100 years, Lochearn has been a place that girls ages 7-15 call home. One of the most important things about Lochearn is our culture of kindness. Lochearn is a very positive and welcoming place. New girls are instantly drawn into the Lochearn circle and welcomed from the moment they arrive. As a community, we actively promote kindness and consideration. Campers go through their Lochearn journey learning the core values of the Lochearn motto:

Lochearn Moto - To be honest, to be kind, to seek a deeper understanding of the beauty about us. To make the whole camp happier for our being here. To make and keep friends, but to do so without surrendering our ideals, and above all to keep friends with ourselves. To grow to have more courage and self-confidence, and take home an open mind and a kind and caring heart.

These core values extend out from our staff as a camp-wide philosophy. We strive to establish an environment of respect and inclusivity for all campers. At Lochearn, we believe that everyone has something special to give and to gain from her time at camp, and each girl’s unique qualities are embraced and encouraged. We hope that you will choose to be a part of our community of goodness where it is "cool to be kind"!

We love Camp Lochearn!

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