About Lochearn

About Lochearn Camp for Girls

We are thrilled that you are considering Camp Lochearn for Girls for your summer fun and adventure! For almost 100 years Lochearn has been a place that girls like to call home. One of the most important things for you to know is that Lochearn is a very positive, loving, and welcoming place. New girls are instantly drawn into the Lochearn circle and made to feel welcomed from the moment they arrive. As a community, we promote kindness and consideration. Cliques and meanness are just not a part of our summer community. At Lochearn, everyone has something special to give and to gain from her time at camp, and the qualities that make her unique are embraced and encouraged. We hope that you will choose to be part of our community of goodness where it is "Cool to be Kind!"

We love Camp Lochearn!